PullAlign Lite 2

It’s so easy, everyone can do it.

  • Highly visible green laser
  • Adjustable magnetic targets
  • Displays offset and angular misalignment
  • More accurate and efficient than wires or straight-edge
  • Quick and easy setup – no training required
  • Increases belt, pulley and bearing-life
  • Decreases belt noise and vibration
  • Reduces downtime, manpower and energy consumption


Precisely aligned belt driven machines save energy, and wear and thus decrease costs. With the new PULLALIGN Lite 2 pulley driven machines can easily be aligned by anyone, without training.

Set up the new green PULLALIGN Lite 2 laser and install the three adjustable magnetic targets. The laser beam mounted on the pulley projects a virtual plane onto the targets, which are mounted on the opposite pulley.

The misaligned pulley can easily be aligned by adjusting the machine in both vertical and horizontal directions until the green laser beam hits into the middle of all three targets; confirming that both offset and angle of the pulley driven machine have been aligned.

The green laser beam increases visibility in brightly lit machine halls or outdoor in strong sunlight.

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