Roller Alignment

Roller parallelism with PARALIGN, ROLLALIGN and reference line measurement

Improve quality and avoid downtimes

  • Increase product quality
  • Increase machine availability: Prevent web breaks and premature wear of components
  • Prevent creasing, non-symmetrical winding, inhomogeneous layer thickness
  • Reduced measuring times: Even brief stoppages can be utilized for roller measurement
  • Results even with different temperature profiles and without line of sight
  • Results and analysis available on-site immediately


Customer Voices

“PARALIGN is very fast and easier to use than optical measuring devices.
Four times more cylinders can be measured with PARALIGN than using traditional optical measuring devices.”

Research Scientist, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd

Roll Alignment with PARALIGN

 The next step in precision: PARALIGN

Thanks to our unique technology based on three gyroscopes built in the PARALIGN roller alignment system, we not only measure with greater precision than conventional systems but also are significantly quicker. Machinery downtime, outage costs and scrap are reduced to a minimum.

Cylinder & roller alignment with ROLLALIGN

ROLLALIGN means High-Performance²

We bring together the best engineering skills and more than four decades of experience in shaft and roller alignment. The ROLLALIGN hybrid measuring system determines the parallelism of rollers and cylinders even for machine components that are hard to access or located in oil baths. ROLLALIGN is comprised of our PARALIGN service in combination with the tried and tested sensALIGN technology.

Laser-based Scribed Line Measurement

Reference line measurement and roller parallelism

Our service: We measure the reference line of your machinery and use PARALIGN to check the parallelism of the machine’s rollers. At the same time, we determine whether all rollers are perpendicular to the reference line. Machine vibrations and foundation displacements can greatly affect the original reference line.

PRUFTECHNIK offers the PARALIGN service globally thanks to a network of subsidiaries and service partners. Our offer includes the rental of instruments, two qualified service technicians, travel costs as well as the creation and presentation of measurement results – without any hidden costs.

Even minor assembly discrepancies when replacing a roller or changes in the foundation effect the parallelism of rollers. This leads to web runs or web breaks. Our high-tech, patented measurement technologies allow deficits in machine parallelism to be quickly and skillfully eliminated.

Roller parallelism is a must – and with PARALIGN now easier than ever!

With PARALIGN, PRUFTECHNIK has developed a revolutionary roller alignment instrument that enables measurement and correction of individual rollers, entire roller groups and even complete – partly more complex – machines to be done with significantly greater speed and precision than other methods. The measurements with the global PARALIGN service are graphically and numerically documented. Over 1000 machines have already been optimized. No more off-tracking, no breaks, no creasing!

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