Vertical Balancing Machines

Our vertical balancing machines are well-engineered, combining a high-precision spindle with the consistency of a hard-bearing support system using piezoelectric transducers.



Balancer Features

  • Standard balancing machines for rotor sizes from 10 grams to 600 kg, special balancing machines for larger rotors up to 18,000 kg
  • Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation
  • Single-plane or two-plane measurement
  • Universal or custom tooling (rotor clamping adapters)
  • Manually or pneumatically (drawbar) actuated
  • Pneumatically operated spindle clamp (option)
  • Safety enclosures to meet OSHA or other safety regulations, either manually or automatically operated
  • Integrated correction systems, like drilling, milling, and weight addition
  • Various electronic measuring instruments available
  • Numerous standard and customer-specific software features
  • Custom colors

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