Compact Chain Bracket
The compact chain brackets can be used on shaft diameters ranging from approximately 1/2″ up to 8-1/2″ (up to 20″ diameter with optional 1500mm long chain ALI 2.116). A minimum clearance of 25/32″ is required along the shaft or coupling hub axis to mount the bracket without interference. Accepts all standard lengths of suppot posts for maximum versatility.
arrow Order No. ALI 2.107set (set of 2 pieces, each with 300mm and 600mm chains)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.113set (set of 2 pieces, each with 300mm and 600mm chains, and 20 support posts in storage pouch.)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.892set (set of 2 pieces, each with 300mm and 600mm chains, and 20 support posts, no storage pouch.)

Chain, 300mm long with threaded rod for shaft dia. up to 3-1/2″
arrow Order No. ALI 2.114 (1 piece)

Chain, 600mm long with threaded rod for shaft dia. up to 8-1/2″
arrow Order No. ALI 2.115 (1 piece)

Chain, 1500mm long with threaded rod for shaft dia. up to 20″
arrow Order No. ALI 2.116 (1 piece)

Support Posts
Support post, 115mm (4-1/2″)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.170 (1 piece)

Support post, 150mm (6″)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.171 (1 piece)

Support post, 200mm (8″)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.172 (1 piece)

Support post, 250mm (10″)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.173 (1 piece)

Support post, 300mm (12″)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.174 (1 piece)

Magnetic Bracket
With four powerful magnets providing instantaneous easy mounting of laser or prism against solid coupling hub, this bracket requires only 3/8″ clearance along the shafts. Allows interchanging support posts for most convenient height, as desired.
arrow Order No. ALI 2.112set (set of 2 pieces)
arrow Order No. ALI 2.112 (1 piece, one side)

Offset Adapter
The offset adapter allows use of the ALI 2.112 magnetic bracketson large flat surfaces (such as coupling faces). Also fits all our other quick-fit brackets.
arrow Order No. ALI 2.244-LIS

Stationary Position Adapter
For non-rotatable shafts. Fits hub, coupling or shaft diameters 1-1/2″ and up. Used with magnetic brackets ALI 2.112SET. Use only if shaft rotation is impossible! Accuracy of readings depend on surface condition of coupling, hub, or shaft. Also used to center magnetic brackets on large diameter couplings, flanges or shafts.
arrow Order No. L 220 for all other systems
(1 piece, one side)

Magnetic Sliding Bracket
The magnetic sliding bracket is a specialty bracket that allows measurement and alignment to be performed when one or both shafts cannot be rotated. It is placed against the back of the solid coupling hub or front face of the uncoupled shaft and slides around from one measurement position to the next. Suitable for shaft and coupling diameters from approx. 3-1/8″ up.
arrow Order No. ALI 2.230 (1 piece, one side)

Coupling Bolt-Hole Bracket
The bolt-hole brackets are specialty brackets for very large couplings with bolt holes greater than 1-3/4″ diameter. They can be mounted on the back or front of any ferromagnetic coupling.
arrow Order No. ALI 2.761SETIS (set of 2 pieces) – replaces ALI 2.106set
arrow Order No. ALI 2.761-IS (1 piece, one side) – replaces ALI 2.106

Narrow Bracket
Only 5/16″ thick, these brackets offer an ideal solution to tight squeezes between coupling and machine housing. The system contains:
1 set (2 pieces) for shaft dia. up to 3-11/16″
1 set (2 pieces) for shaft dia. up to 6-1/4″
arrow Order No. LUD 2.109set

Narrow bracket system (set of 2 pieces) for shaft diameters up to 3-11/16″ only.
arrow Order No. LUD 2.109LSET

arrow Order No. LUD 2.109
(1 piece for shaft dia. up to 6-1/4″, one side)
arrow Order No. LUD 2.109L
(1 piece for shaft dia. up to 3-11/16″, one side)

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