INCLINEO is a powerful system utilizing high precision electronic inclinometer technology with a resolution of 0.0003 DEGREES.  In combination with interchangeable mounting bases INCLINEO measures relative or absolute angularity, flatness, levelness, or parallelism of surfaces; as well as perpendicularity of planes, and straightness along a line.  Its rotatable housing allows the INCLINEO to take measurements at any angular position, including surfaces with a steep inclination.  The 3-key operation makes INCLINEO versatile, ensuring flexibility during measurements and creating effective operation in advanced applications.
Surface flatness measurements using INCLINEO are simple.  A reference grid is laid out on the surface to be measured and the INCLINEO is moved between each marked location, measuring the angle over a known distance.

The system features integrated wireless communication technology which sends the measurements to A COMPUTER running the ALIGNMENT CENTER SOFTWARE.  The surface profile of the measured component is shown in full color 2-D and 3-D graphic display with color coded tolerance levels giving a clear representation of the results.

  • Satisfies Ariel ER-82 requirements

Its nearly limitless applications include:

  • Baseplate/foundation flatness and levelness
  • Perpendicularity/Parallelism of machine tool components
  • RAIL straightness
  • Flange flatness
  • Turbine casing flatness and levelness
  • Wind turbine tower flatness and levelness
  • Straightness and bending curves of long shafts in MARINE PROPULSION SYSTEMS

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