Horizontal Balancing Machines

Standard (universal) designs are used for a variety of applications by manufacturers, OEMs, overhaul and repair shops, and end users. Different size models suit rotors from a few grams up to 90,000 kg. They include adjustable supports and changeable bearings, enabling you to run different rotor types on the same balancing machine.




  • Drive system options to meet your rotor requirements:
    • Belt, end, or combination drive systems
    • Under/over belt configuration
    • Larger ac and dc drives/motors
    • Gear transmissions
    • Auto-indexing of rotors
  • Optional pneumatics for clamping and adjustments
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic operations
  • Various electronic measuring instruments available
  • Integrated correction systems, like drilling, milling, and weight addition
  • Balancing machine bed extensions or separate short beds
  • Proving rotors to Hofmann, ISO, or SAE ARP standards for machine calibration

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