When we perform a certification on your stand, we are not only checking the instrument’s calibration, but we are also performing several other tests that ensure that the balancing stand itself is also capable of balancing. If you are only sending your instrument in to the factory for a calibration it does not mean that the system, which includes both the instrument and the stand itself, are in optimal working order. See below for a description of the tests performed during our certification process.




All balancing machine certification tests performed by Star-Tech Instrument Systems, Inc. will conform to the following specifications:

1. The machine must passed all tests in ISO 2953:1999(E) Section 11.6 through and 11.7 through 11.7.8

2. Star-Tech Instrument Systems will supply a rotor that is a Type B described under ISO 2952:1999(E) Section 10.1.

3.  All Test masses used in all certification tests meet the specification under ISO 2953:1999(E) Section 10.3.

4.  The weighing scale used in the certification procedure meets ISO 2953:1999(E) Section 11.3.

5.  A machine must pass all tests as described in the Evaluations in ISO 2953:19999(E) Sections 11.7.8 and 11.9.3

6.  All tests performed will use eight individual positions evenly spaced at 45º.

7.  The tolerance standard that will be used in the certification tests is ISO G1.0

8.  The machine must also pass a visual inspection of the condition of the system including work supports, cables,            pickups, belts/drive shaft and photo cell/tach system.

9.  Upon completion Star-Tech Instrument Systems, Inc. will provide a list recommendations, if necessary, to                        improve any conditions affecting the safety and accuracy of the balancing system.



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