GL 80

A good sheave alignment laser system will increase efficiency by reducing premature wear or failure of pulleys, belts and bearings. There are several different alignment methods, such as the labor intensive string and straightedge method, however, laser alignment seems the more accurate. This will greatly reduce downtime and manpower needed to do the alignment. This results in increased production uptime and great labor savings.



Introducing new Retro-Reflective alignment targets that work indoors or outdoors using enhanced reflective technology. This means that the laser lines can be seen better in direct sunlight and adjustments are easier to make.

• Faster Set-ups
• More Accurate Adjustments
• Less Bearing Wear


Laser: 532nm, Class II, < 1mw
Vial: 40 Arc Minute
Beam Spread: 60″ @ 3′
Line Width: Approx. 1/16″ @ 30″
Magnets: Nickel Plated, Rare Earth
Power: 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries (5hrs)
Targets: 3 – Retro-Reflective, Adjustable over 1″
Accuracy: .070″ or 7 times more accurate than industry standards.
Dimension: 1 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ x 5/8″


GL80 PowerLine™ Sheave Alignment Tool
3 – Retro-Reflective, Adjustable Alignment Targets
1 – Foam Filled, Hard Carrying Case

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